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As the famous song says, “Get me to the church on time,” or to the wedding ceremony or reception. There are so many important details to consider when planning the ideal wedding. Food, flowers, the music, the dress!…and of course, the people! Providing transportation for your guests can assure that they are transported safely (not driving their own vehicles) and in timely manner from multiple locations (think hotels, Airbnb, airports) and they’re not worrying about finding or parking at an unfamiliar venue.

Getting the wedding party and the guests delivered to the right place, on time, and in comfort and style…is one of the most important elements of the perfect wedding day…for everyone!


Here are Swoop’s Top Nine Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Transportation:


1. Plan Ahead and Book Early

Book your transportation early on in your wedding planning — at least six months ahead or nine months if you are scheduling a summer wedding. The closer the date gets, the less available (and possibly more expensive) transportation options may get.

When planning, here are some quick tips and tricks to think about for different transportation options:

  • Wedding Shuttles: include an option for transportation on your invitation RSVP for invitees. This will help you estimate transportation needs.
  • Separate vehicles for family members and those in the wedding party
  • A possible limo for the bride and groom
  • Valet + Transportation if you are looking into both (using the same company is recommended)
2. Include Your Wedding Planner

Transportation should be an integral part of your planning, which means looping in your wedding planner. Your wedding planner, who’s most likely in contact with your other providers, should have Swoop (or your other transportation provider) on their speed dial. When the wedding planner is working with your transportation provider, they can help with “day of” logistics including managing guest expectations and assisting drivers with any changes.

3. On-Site Support Can Be Crucial

While you may incur a nominal fee, having your transportation company provide day-of, on-site coordination support, especially if there are trips requiring multiple large vehicles or shuttle services, can keep things running smoothly.

4. Get Those Driver Details

Transportation providers should send you driver details (name and phone) 24–48 hours before the event. Make sure to pass this information to your wedding planner should any special requests come up.

5. Preview Your Vehicles

To assure that the vehicle you’re renting is in excellent condition, clean and with the amenities listed, ask to see pictures of the actual vehicle you’re renting (we’ve heard horror stories!). You should clearly be able to see both the exterior and interior of the actual vehicle. Swoop guarantees that every vehicle it provides is vetted, highly-maintained and comes with a 5-star driver.

6. Communication is Key

Be specific with your guests, wedding planner and transportation provider when it comes to pick-up and drop-off points and estimated times. If you have a strict ceremony or reception start time, communicate that so the company can create a logistics plan around it. Have a wedding website? Include transportation schedules so guests know when the shuttles will depart and return.

7. It’s All About Options

Ask for different wedding package options that fit within your budget. If there’s a vehicle you prefer but it’s out of your budget, ask if they have a price-matching policy. Some companies charge you by the hour so if there are budget constraints, offer transportation before or after the reception.

8. Check on Wedding Experience

Chat with your transportation provider to ensure that the drivers are experienced when it comes to wedding transportation and if those drivers are familiar with the particular venue. Some venues are challenging to access (narrow, curving roads or tight parking areas); see if your provider will perform a dry-run to see if the vehicle fits within the venue.

Having a tailored logistics plan provided ahead of time will help set the right expectations with your entire team, including your wedding planner.

9. Most of All… Have fun!

Transportation should be part of the celebration; whether you’re taking a limo, shuttle services or a fancy trolley, sharing the experience with friends and family can be a ton of fun! Planning ahead will just increase the enjoyment.

Need some help with an upcoming wedding or looking for advice on wedding logistics? Let Swoop knowthey are here to help! Click here to schedule an appointment with a Swoop Wedding Account Manager.

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