If you haven’t visited BRICK yet, let’s paint a picture for you. Over 6,000 square feet of wall to wall historic red brick illuminated with strings of dimmable market lights and sunlight seeping in from French style windows. The best part? The floor plan is yours to dream up!

One of our top 10 frequently asked questions (other than “Can we bring our dog?”) is “How do we do our wedding ceremony AND reception at BRICK?” After more than our share of weddings up our sleeve, we can tell you it’s 100% do-able – with the right team & logistics. The BRICK Coordination team has the process down to a tee and we’re here to share some helpful tips with you.

Room Flip Version 1 | Exposed Tables

Clients who aren’t set on a “grand reveal” opt to have their guest tables out during the ceremony. We love this option since all the tables are already dressed up so they add more decoration to the space. It’s also the easier of the two versions. After the ceremony guests head out to enjoy cocktail hour at one of our outdoor spaces – the West Lawn or North Lot – the designated room flip team gets to the flip. Quickly break down the ceremony space, set the tables into place, push in the chairs and voila! You are reception ready!

Room Flip Version 2 | Grand Reveal

This option takes a bit more legwork but creates that unique experience of getting two “venues” for the price of one! Set up draping where guest tables and other rentals are to be hidden and out of sight. When guests walk into the ceremony, they are welcomed into an intimate space created by the draping that pushes the focus onto the altar and ceremony space. While cocktail hour is in full swing, the draping can either be taken down by a rental company or simply tied back. And just like version 1, the guest tables and chairs are set into place. When you walk into the reception it is a completely different set-up from just an hour ago!

Final Tips

  1. A room flip takes group effort! Other than your wedding planner or coordinator, we recommend hiring extra help from your rental or catering companies to provide staff to execute the room flip within one hour.
  2. Not sure if your guest tables will fit behind draping? Mock up a diagram using the free service AllSeated.com. This is the tried and true way to confirm whether or not the floor plan you’re envisioning will work inside our venue. If you hire BRICK Coordination, then we take care of diagram creation for you. 🙂
  3. Allot some time during the room flip for your photographer & videographer to get detail shots. You won’t regret it!

BRICK Coordination Special

For a limited time, we are running a BRICK Coordination package special! Receive the full Coordination package for a discounted price. E-mail [email protected] for more details.