So you’re engaged (congratulations!). You’ve booked your venue. Things are getting real. When it comes to the wedding planning process, the spectrum of brides’ (and grooms’) knowledge on what to do next ranges from not having a clue, to the type-A’s with the confidence and go-getterness of an industry professional. There’s also the ever-awkward, stress-inducing, number crunching figure looming over your head: the wedding budget. Regardless of who you are in this catalogue of couples, the investment in a wedding coordinator will return it’s savings unto you and your spouse-to-be in so many ways that you’ll laugh amongst yourselves on your honeymoon at the time you considered not hiring a professional. Trust me. I’m a coordinator, and I hired a coordinator.  Here’s why: 


The older I get, the more I have placed a value on my time. I don’t like wasting time or feeling like I didn’t use my time efficiently. No one does you say? Well, planning a wedding is a huge time-suck. I remember feeling as though I had a second job throughout the entire process, and the process going by so fast yet so slow at the same time. There’s so much to think about and account for, so many contacts to connect, contracts to check, so many Pinterest let downs and budget breakers. Regardless of the type of coordinator you are considering – from day-of, month-of, to a full-service planner – you will thank the wedding gods on the big day for the time you were able to enjoy (and remember) with your loved ones because you…let go…and were 100 percent present for your wedding day.


Did you remember the cake knife? What about the place cards? What time is the DJ arriving? Is he bringing a microphone? The easel, trash cans, photo booth props? Wait, didn’t my photo booth come with props? Wait wait, does my photo booth have an attendant, that needs a vendor meal? What’s a vendor meal?…

This is a recipe for a melt-down. Ultimately something is forgotten, breaks, or needs adjusting. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into this experience, why not invest in someone who can make those executive decisions for you – while you’re off getting dolled up, eating almost too pretty to eat hors d’Oeuvres and sipping colorful cocktails. Most people can’t be in two places at once – fact.


Your friend, your mom, your cousin are not a substitute for a professional wedding coordinator. Sorry moms – we all know you mean well. A couple’s friends and family are incredibly important and irreplaceable guests at the wedding.  Their role is to be active witnesses and participants in this day of celebration. This role easily becomes compromised when event management of any kind is added, or cocktails – let’s be honest.

Now this doesn’t mean you must go out and get yourself a wedding coordinator. The service truly is not for everyone or every wedding.  However these points are ones to at least consider, that’s all I ask, because I’ve been there – both in the white dress and in the all black and clipboard clad. I believe beyond question my decision to hire a coordinator for my wedding saved me time, energy and allowed me to live in the moment with all of my favorite people. This is why I do what I do, because planning a wedding is a very humbling experience for your average human. I want to ensure other couples are able to feel the way I felt after my wedding: that this was in fact the best day ever.

Thanks for reading!

Venue Manager, Coordinator, Wife.