Top 10 Questions To Ask On Your Venue Search

December 28, 2021

Recently engaged or been engaged for a while and just starting to look at wedding venues? Congratulations! 

Choosing a venue is one of the first decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process, and while it is such an exciting time, we know it can easily become overwhelming. 

We also know that we’re probably not the only venue you’re looking at – although we can dream!

To help make your life easier, which is what we like to do, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten questions that you should ask during any venue tour, including the answers pertaining to all 828 Venues, including BRICK.

This list of questions will provide you with the information you really need to get started on your search, and make sure the venue is a perfect fit for you.

  1. What’s included?

When you book BRICK, your rental includes the space for 24 hours, a Client Concierge, Event Manager, open vendor policy, and wifi.

Photo: Willmus Weddings
  1. How does your vendor list work? 

Our Epic Vendors are chosen by the quality of service they provide for our clients. Although we have an open vendor policy, we highly suggest looking at our Epic Vendors first, as they are the most familiar with our space, and we can vouch for the exceptional experience you’ll have working with them.

Photo: Jerson Navasca
  1. Where do my guests park?

BRICK has complimentary parking in Liberty Station.  

Photo: Lisa Marie Photographie
  1. Are there any limitations as far as decor or vendor services?

We simply ask that you return the venue to us in the same condition we gave it to you. We allow hanging floral and decor, candles, pets, balloons, cigar bars, live bands, food trucks, and more. Any questions, just ask.

Photo: Sara Zimmerman
  1. Who will be there the day of my event?

BRICK includes your very own Client Concierge from the moment you book. They are your venue representative, and will be there to answer any questions about the venue from the moment you book, through the end of your event. We will also have an Event Manager onsite to help facilitate your beverage needs.

Photo: Hailey Nicole Creative
  1. Do you offer event coordination and/or planning, and is it required?

BRICK offers everything from full-service planning to month-of coordination, depending on your event needs. Our planners begin working with you the moment you book, and are there every step of the way. Basically, you get your life back.

While BRICK doesn’t require a planner, we cannot recommend it enough. Even if you don’t go with our planners, and even if you don’t get married at our venue – we promise you will want to hire a planner.

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  1. I have a budget of $$$, do you see that being a possibility, here?

Absolutely. Our venue easily accommodates budgets from $15,000 to $100,000. Sometimes less and sometimes more. We’ve seen it all, and we love it all.

Photo: Yaro Jane Photography
  1. Who handles setup and cleanup?

Your vendors will handle the setup and removal of anything they bring to the venue. Clean-up of the space (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms) is included in your rental fee; the client is only responsible for trash removal. We recycle, as well! 

If you book planning, your planner will also handle the setup and break down of your decor. 

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  1. When and how often can I come back to the venue after booking?

BRICK offers Walkthrough Wednesdays on just about every Wednesday (unless we have an event), from 2pm to 8pm so you have ample time in the space to plan your event. Come to as many or as few of these as you’d like!

To go over specific questions or details, schedule a meeting with your Client Concierge or Planner. If you just want to test out your decor or bring a vendor by to see the space, no appointment is needed.

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  1. What’s your best piece of advice for ensuring I have a successful event here?

Hire a professional planner.

Hire. A. Planner.


Our planning team saves you time (100+ hours of planning), money (we know where to save), stress (we set reasonable expectations for your budget), worry (we’re there from the moment you book through the end of your event), and provides peace of mind. 

Feeling better already? Glad we could help! Obviously these aren’t the only questions you should ask during your venue search, but they will help you start thinking outside the box.

If you have any questions, or want more information about BRICK, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Congratulations again, and good luck!