5 Questions about Having Your San Diego Wedding at BRICK

November 22, 2023

Yay – you’re engaged! Now that you’ve said the big “yes!” it’s time to take are plenty of steps to take, including booking a venue. 

Booking a venue undoubtedly comes with a lot of questions, so to make it easier on you, we’re answering the top 5 questions about hosting your San Diego wedding at BRICK, right here.

Can I bring in my own caterer?

BRICK has a flexible vendor policy which allows you to have the event of your dreams! We also have a list of truly epic vendor partners who set the bar for the level of service you should expect at your event. While you are welcome to work with any vendor you choose, they must have the proper license and insurance.

A bride grabs some pizza at a San Diego wedding at BRICK
Photo: Eliza Joy Photo

Do you have a room to get ready in?

We do not have a room to get ready in for your big day. We’d be happy to suggest, however, some great hotels nearby that are perfect for getting ready, and then easily hopping over to BRICK.

Are you pet-friendly wedding venue?

Yes! We’ve hosted events with dogs, cats, and even elephants! Ask your Client Concierge or BRICK Planner about the best practices for including all types of fur-friends in your special day.

A maid of honor in a green dress gives a speech at a San Diego wedding at BRICK
Photo: Eliza Joy Photo

Can I bring in my own bartenders?

The short answer is no, you can’t bring your own bartenders, and here’s why: BRICK Beverage isn’t like a regular beverage program – it’s a cool beverage program. BRICK’s BYOB (bring your own) policy means that our dedicated beverage team helps you to create a shopping list, you purchase the alcohol, bring it to us, and we serve it. Our team includes expert bartenders so that you don’t have to worry about providing staff!

Do you have any decor items that are included? 

Your rental of BRICK always includes cocktail tables and market lights! We do offer in-house decor and amenities that are an additional cost, such as an arch, mobile bars, draping, and more. Check out our full list here.

A wedding ceremony setup at BRICK in San Diego
Photo: Mary Lizomel

BONUS QUESTION: Do you have staff onsite to help with the room flip and bussing?

If you hire the BRICK Planning team, they will help with the room flip. Typically your caterer and/or a staffing company handles bussing tables! 

Book your San Diego wedding at BRICK

We truly hope this makes your venue choice and planning process easier, and look forward to helping guide you further through your special day! To schedule a tour of BRICK, contact our dedicated team today.