How Much Does a Wedding Planner in San Diego Cost?

April 16, 2024

The cost of hiring a wedding planner in San Diego varies widely depending on the planner’s experience, expertise, services offered, and the scale of the wedding.

The average cost of a wedding planner in San Diego can range from $2,500 to $8,500 — and potentially more.

Some businesses may offer different event planning packages with varying levels of assistance, such as full-service planning, partial planning, or day-of coordination.

  • Full-service planning, where the planner assists with every aspect of the wedding throughout the planning process, tends to be the most expensive option.
  • Partial planning may involve the planner assisting with specific aspects of the wedding.
  • Day-of coordination typically involves the planner overseeing the wedding day itself.

Additionally, some wedding planners may charge a percentage of the overall wedding budget instead of a flat fee. That percentage averages between 10%-20%, depending on the provided wedding planning services.

It’s imperative to discuss your specific needs and budget with potential planners to get accurate pricing information and find the best fit for your wedding.

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Breaking Down The Cost of a San Diego Wedding Planner

The cost to hire a wedding planner based in San Diego can vary greatly depending on the level of services provided. Here’s a breakdown of the most common wedding planning packages, including those offered by BRICK Planning, and the services you’ll receive.

Full-Service Planning & Design| This package is designed for busy couples who would like expert guidance from beginning to end. Planning a wedding can be very cumbersome, and many couples find they don’t have time to add this to their already full plates. As your full-service planner, we will secure all of your wedding vendors and ensure every detail is taken care of. We work closely with you from day one, making sure your wedding is everything you had dreamed and hoped it would be. 

Partial Planning & Design | This is perfect for the couple that needs expert guidance with planning their wedding, but would like to stay involved in the nitty-gritty details of vendor communication and contracting. We will help with key components such as overall design direction, personalized vendor recommendations, budget and vendor proposal guidance, and any questions along the way.

Month Of Coordination | This wedding coordination package is designed for the couple who prefers to plan their wedding day but would like some assistance during the last few weeks with the finer details. This service will help ease any last-minute stress so you can enjoy your special day with family and friends.

BRICK Planning team in San Diego
BRICK Planning team | Photo: Sarah Zimmerman Photo

How to Save Money on Wedding Planning

While the cost to hire a wedding planner may come as a surprise to some couples, we can assure you it is well worth it. Hiring a planner – or even a day of coordinator – will save you time and money, and allow you to actually enjoy your day.

BRICK Planning does not offer a day-of coordination option (we do offer month-of coordination, and coordinating your wedding day is included in all of our packages), but opting for a day of coordinator is a great way to save money. With this type of package, you will still ensure the successful execution of your day, and stay within your budget.

Hiring a planner who is associated with your wedding venue is also a great way to save both time and money. BRICK offers full-service wedding planning, and our team will be the most familiar with our venue. Additionally, hiring our team to plan your wedding eliminates a lot of back and forth regarding venue rules and regulations.

For the couples who just need help with pieces of their event such as a room flip or coordinating your catering order, BRICK’s A La Carte planning services are a fantastic option. 

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Event: BRICK Open House by BRICK Planning | Photo: Sarah Zimmerman Photo

What’s the ROI of a Wedding Planner?

Can a wedding planner save you money? Yes! Plus, we can save you time — and time is money! 

While a wedding planner cost may vary, the ROI for planning and coordination services is exponential. Here are some examples of how professional wedding planners, like the team at BRICK make the cost worth the reward.

  • You’ll enjoy a stress-free wedding day
  • We’ll provide guidance on all upcoming tasks and help you stay on track with any to do’s.
  • We’ll create a day-of timeline and venue diagram, and provide these to your vendors.
  • Our team will act as the liaison between you and your vendors, so you’re not being burdened with questions on the day-of your wedding.
  • We’ll provide budget and design guidance

Is a Wedding Planner for Your San Diego Wedding Worth it?

Consider hiring a wedding planner to ensure you’re able to enjoy your dream day. A wedding planner may be seen as a luxury vendor to some, but the wedding day management alone is worth the cost. 

Contact the team at BRICK Planning today to begin planning your wedding in San Diego.